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About WoodStabilizer.com

Wood Stabilizer.com is owned and operated by Don and Karen Stevenson of Burns Lake, BC.

After extensive research, we have developed a unique system for stabilizing wood.  We use a proprietary blend of acrylic monomers to impregnate the wood.  Our system utilizes both vacuum and pressure to achieve complete penetration of the acrylic, resulting in a high quality stabilized wood product.

Some of the advantages of using our stabilized wood are:

  • it minimizes wood shrinkage and expansion
  • it reduces the risk of cracking and warping in stressed wood, such as burls and highly figured woods
  • stabilized wood will not absorb water
  • it is impervious to oils
  • there is no raised grain when sanded
  • sands and finishes easily
  • it will take a very high polish

Finishing our stabilized wood is easy…all you have to do is sand the wood up to your desired grit (we recommend at least 600 grit) and buff it.  It does not require a lot of  finishing and will polish to a high luster.  If the wood scratches or dulls, you just have to re-polish and buff it to bring your finish back to life.